Paytm Carding Trick of 2019 with non vbv cc – proof added

Hey if you are searching for Paytm Carding Trick of 2019 then read our Carding Method of Paytm .Here I’m presenting full process of how to do cashout on paytm,it’s 100% working trick and personally tested by us.



Warning: Remember one thing Carding is a big crime so please do it on your own risk, we are not responsible if happen anything wrong with you! and we don’t suggest you to do carding, this article just for educational purpose.

What is paytm

Paytm is a biggest wallet in India where you can send money or accept payment.Recently they are started bank facility.Here you can buy any product like iPhone ,led,dslr and also provide prepaid recharge.So you can called it Online shopping site like Amazon or Flipkart.

Many visitor ask me to share Paytm Carding Trick that’s why today i’m going to show you how to do carding on paytm wallet.Let’s check our Paytm carding method of 2019 step by step –

Requirements for Carding-

As we are all known its Indian wallet that’s its accept only indian cc.So you need to purchase indian cc first and balance must be above 1.70 lac.

  • A Indian Non vbv cc for paytm wallet carding.
  • Paytm Account with Full kyc or you can do it will mini kyc also.
  • VPN.(Turbo)
  • 4G speed internet Connection.

Paytm Carding Trick & Method 100% Working of 2019

To do carding on Paytm wallet ,you must need to have a Indian Live cc with loaded balance at least 1.70lac.If you have cc then you can go ahead or Need to purchase non vbv cc then contact us on Whatsapp.We will provide non vbv cc with fully loaded balance.So follow our paytm Carding method .

Step by step paytm carding process

  1. Change the paytm account holder name with cc holder Name.(its mandatory)
  2. Then connect the vpn with Indian server.
  3. Go to add money in wallet option.
  4. Add first 2000 then go for high amount.
  5. Now click on pay now and choose Credit Card.
  6. Then fill the non vbv cc details and wait a little bit.
  7. Money added in your wallet successfully.

That’s all, you might be think process is too easy right? but not so easy my friend because if paytm detect anything unusual activity in your account then you will received message like this ‘Sorry money can not be added at this time or something else, even your account might be blocked if you do anything wrong so try to do all steps carefully

Full Details of Paytm Carding Trick

First of all you need to buy a live cc for for carding so first visit this link to buy cc and after buying you have to create a new paytm account with cc owner name or if you don’t new phone number to create new paytm account then you can change your account name

After that, you need to download a VPN (you can use HMA, Turbo) then connect that vpn at same as cc country for example if cc issued from USA then connect vpn to USA

Now, open paytm wallet and click on Add Money option > enter amount of 5000 Rs at once then select ‘Credit Card’ as payment mode and enter cc details like Holder Name, Number, CVV code and click on ‘Pay Now’ option

That’s all, you will receive successful message instantly and money will be added in your paytm wallet, then you can send that money to any others wallet or your bank, or you can also do shopping on paytm.

Wallet Proof

paytm carding trick

paytm cashout

How to buy live cc for paytm carding

If you are unable to buy non vbv cc then don’t be upset.We are here to provide live cc with high balance.Always try to buy Indian non vbv cc for paytm carding .If you like to buy non vbv cc then contact us on whatsapp now.

Whatsapp No : 8158052629

Paytm KYC completed wallet available

Yes its available.If you can’t take risk with your own wallet then feel free to tell us.We sell Kyc completed account at 4000rs.

Which Country’s CC is best for Paytm

As we know Paytm wallet works in India only so we need to buy indian cc only.Indian cc is best for paytm carding and for Amazon carding also.

What i can do with paytm wallet balance after adding money in wallet

You can do anything, its like a real cash, you can pay for anything, better to buy product from that balance for security reason.

That’s all about Paytm Carding Trick of 2019, i hope i am able to make you understand better, i have tried my best to write this article however, if still you need anything else at the same topic then please comment down below. I’ll be happy to help you dude!


We shared this paytm carding trick only for educational purpose only.We will never responsible if anything happen.So try it on your own risk.

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